Awakening Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training Hong Kong

with SimoneRita Egger & the Temple Training Team
featuring Devi Chanting with Dragana Matic

Date: 8 -11 March 2018
Location: Hong Kong

Feminine embodiment.
Timeless wisdom.
Transparent leadership.

In the Women’s Temple we dive deeply into practices that open us to the inherent source of vast wisdom within. We connect with the bliss of devotion and with the truth in our hearts. We align with the dignity and grace of the feminine warrior, and we touch infinite compassion, silence and beauty beyond measure.

That which we are longing for is who we already are ~ this insight is the basis for our spiritual exploration in the Women’s Temple Group. Thus our practice is not towards a goal of attainment in the future; it is a process of melting, of unraveling the wisdom and beauty already inherent in each woman. There is no more powerful place to do that than in a circle of conscious women.

Instead of enforcing the status quo by focusing on our problems and personal shortcomings, the Women’s Temple group practices connect us with truth beyond our fears and limited self images.

To be certain that this is the right training for you, please make sure that you have some experience with the Awakening Women practices before you attend.

In this training, you will learn all the how-to’s of facilitating an ongoing Women’s Temple group. You will gain insights into the background theory of women’s group dynamics as well as have the opportunity to practice feminine leadership and to receive constructive feedback.

You will have an in-depth experience of the groundbreaking Awakening Women approach and of the benefits of being part of a Women’s Temple group.

Topics we will cover include:

− How to set and communicate the right intention for the group
− How to create a safe and deep framework for the group
− The difference between a Temple group and ordinary “support groups”
− How to honor the flow of the group as well as keeping the focus and depth
− The being/doing dynamic of feminine leadership
− Pitfalls of women’s groups
− In depth study and background theory of the Temple group practices
− and much, much more…

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